Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vietnam ~ Saigon

Suppose to blog about my Vietnam trip right after i came back but seriously la, damn lazy loh plus the trip also not really fun.
So, after about 3 months i finally force myself to blog about it...

25 April, Phuong (the host of the trip) invited 3 monkeys Ron, Yit and me over to his place in Vietnam~Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City. 7 days 6 nights trip, seriously i regretted staying there so damn bloody long la...
Day 1 - Arrived at Phuong's place ard 11am, first thing i notice at his house was the super big Guan Ying Ma statue facing us when we step in thru the gate, seriously i cant think of anything "unholy" able to go thru that gate sia. There are 4 Wonders in his house.

Wonder No.1 Of course is the Guan Ying Ma la.
Wonder No.2 The service in his house is world class la. We put our luggage down so that we can inspect the statue with ease, next thing we know the luggage had beem moved up to our room by his maids liao loh. Got 1 time while having dinner in his house, i gave a soft cough as i want to clear my throat, next thing u know 1 of his maid hurriedly went to get me a cup of ice-water. Seriously man, i really feel like a king la juz abit more i can hear the "万岁万岁万万岁" loh.
Wonder No.3 He got this Luo Han Fish, nv in my life i see one with his head so damn swollen la.

Wonder No.4 He got nine 1 Million USD note. (He claim its real, it does look real tho)

Day 2 - We took a 3 hours ride to Mui Ne Beach which is at the southern part of Vietnam. The water over there is not those crystal clear one loh, quite disappointed but at least the waves are decently strong.

We spent about 3 hours over there sun-tanning and playing ard with the waves.

Dinner - Vietnam Beef Noodle aka Pho (pronounce as ferrr) Its damn nice la, 9/10 *thumbs up*

Day 3
- Before going to the popular hotspring, we stop by at a cafe where we had Vietnamese Chicken Cutlet Rice as breakfast.

According to Phuong, if you are a student there this meal only cost $1.50SGD, if not its $2.50SGD, also very cheap right? Plus very nice loh, 8/10

After breakfast, we continue our ride to the hotspring which is fucking 3 and a half hours la...
Reach there also never do much, only soak our legs into the hotspring then cook eggs using the heat from the hotspring.

We spent 3 and a half hours to get there but we only spent 2 hours there and the best part, we got caught in a 5 hours traffic jam while we are on the way back. The traffic over there is screw up la, if u want to experience those car thrills in Bruce Willis's Die Hard series, come Vietnam confirm can let u experience until gao gao arh... Sometimes u can find cars driving in the opposite direction of u but yet same lane as you. Knn, fucking scary la zZzZz
Singapore 's Road - Truck > Car > Bike > Pedestrian
Vietnam's Road - Bike > Car > Truck > Pedestrian

Day 4
- Phuong need to accompany his girlfriend so we 3 stay at his place watch HBO. zZzZzZz
(Damn waste of time)

Day 5
- Phuong need to accompany his girlfriend AGAIN, but this time at least he took the effort to arrange some things for us to do. He got his uncle to bring us to the massage parlor. This is one of the best part in the whole Vietnam Trip. Juz like other massage parlor, we get to enjoy the sauna first, followed by a short Jagguzi session. Finally, we were each led to a room where we wait for the massager. When she came in i get a shock of my life la, she look so cute plus shes wearing a low cut shirt combo with a mini skirt... I can't help but question myself whether i juz called for a massage service or a sex service =.= I remember one of her massage moves require her to sit on my back-thigh while i'm lying face down, but because shes wearing mini skirt the surface area to cover her butt is much smaller so when she sit, it is actually her underwear that came in contact with my back-thigh. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen is the best moment of my whole Vietnam Trip. (And yes, flag raising ceremony took place)

Day 6 - Cu Chi Tunnel, the most historical place in Vietnam. Because Phuong's dad used to be in the army, he manage to get us a private tour inside the Cu Chi Tunnel.

3 retards saluting LOL

Firing an AK-47 (I still prefer SAR 21)

I missed out quite a number of mini-events that happen in the trip but if i were to write it all out its gonna be 3-4 pages man... Overall the trip would have been more fun if our host Phuong bring us to more places and maybe some night activities. But still, i really appreciate him taking the effort to bring us ard not mentioning him paying for all our food and accommodation. Also many thanks to his mum and dad not forgetting his 3 maids and driver.

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