Saturday, February 9, 2008

CNY 08 - Probably the Best Moment of the Year...

Before i get started, this is why i love CNY...

5% - A time where all my relatives & cousins come together
10% - A good excuse for me to buy those expensive clothings
15% - I will have a long break from work n studies
70% - An additional income, "HONG BAO" !!!! But damnit, the amount i get each year is dropping faster than the US currency -______-ll

(No la, actually i'm just kidding. Important thing is we enjoy those moment as a family.)

1st day of CNY, relatives and cousins came over to my place since my place is the HQ of the entire family as i stay with my grandma. Which means, all i have to do is dress up nicely and wait for the Hong Bao to come. Yes, i can hear all the jealous protest already.... Hahaha
And like all the previous CNY, the first day will definitely have an "All Cousins Outing", this year we decided to watch movie since last year we paid a bomb juz to sing a few songs at a KTV not mentioning those glasses that i broke due to my "Wonderful" singing T.T
After much discussion, we decided to watched "Ah Long Pte Ltd" which wasn't very good. It was lower than my expectation, since its a film by Jack Neo... maybe he starting to lose his touch.

2nd day of CNY, some not very welcoming guest came over to our place to "bai nian". (Emily sis, i'm sure u know who am i referring to...) Well, they all say the same thing... "Wahhhh... xiao san so big liao arh? Cannot recognize him liao loh... Become so handsome liao "(as if they really meant it...) -_________-
Spent the rest of the day watching shows on the net and working out while the rest went to play mahjong... Although it seems like a boring CNY, but i feel that its the little chat that we converse in, that really counts.

Cousin Sis Emily & Myself
See that finger of hers pointing at me?
Must be i too handsome liao, she can't resist it, Muhahaha

Me & Grandma

Me & Grandma on 2nd day of CNY

Top: Me & Xing Yu
Mid: Wee Khee, Emily, Wei Ling, Jasmine, Yong Yi
Btm: Eldest Aunt & Grandma


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