Thursday, January 3, 2008

Moment of the Year 2007

Supposed to write this 3 weeks ago but been busy with quite a number of stuff (dota, watch anime, watch J-drama etc) yea really very "busy" -_____-ll so no choice have to drag till now...

14th December 2007, Pei, PX, Kailu, WZ, Hong Ping, Ah Long and me went to Mushroom Pot to celebrate Ah Pei's 21st Birthday. Food there wasn't that fantastic, cant remember how much we paid for it but the fact that i can still feel the burning sensation from my wallet even now shows that its pretty expensive T.T We went to a pub at Orchard area which sadly to say i forgot which one but we walked out instantly as the atmosphere was juz not right. ( I have to use my HP's light to see the menu la ZzZzZz ) After much consideration, we decided to go Boat Quay.

We went to Eski Bar first, over there we played this stupid board game which i kanna "Truth or Dare" twice loh... seriously man, i wonder which idiot created that board game... but at the same time that guy is a genius. Because of that board game, we were able to force Mr X to do something explicit to Miss Y and also Miss Y to do something juz as explicit to Mr X. ( Names are concealed due to possible outrage from.... ) Fellow "simeians", i have the utmost faith in u guys to know which 2 person i am referring to. ^^

We switched to another Pub which as usual i can't remember the name. The Lao Ban damn entertaining la... He will play dice and cai quan with us and sometimes a little jokes here and there to make us feel right at home. My boss, Gary joined us after ard 1plus AM and thats when hell break lose... This boss of mine never see him raise my pay, but keep raising the beer level in my cup z___Z Well, i think we stop all these unhealthy activities at ard 3plus AM and guess what, again my ingenius boss came up wif a suggestion that we go to his place to continue drinking... Well some drunkard fools really went to his place to carry on loh. Only WZ, Hong Ping and i are strong enough to resist the Devil's temptation. God knows how many more they drank when they were over at Gary's place.... May "Guan Ying Mah" have mercy on their liver.

Surprised shot taken by Ah Pei at Mushroom Pot
Left to right: Hong Ping, Me, Ah Long

To Xian: Take photo muz look in front not the side la...
To Pei and Kailu: Stop making yur already round cheek even rounder la...
To WZ: Eh, trying to act like a chipmunk? I think u're better off as an ET la...
To Hong Ping: The only person who need to see or taste yur tongue is WZ, not us la
To Ah Long: Stop fooling ard wif guys la, its time to move on to the gals
To Myself: You're simply the best Hahaha ^^

The fake 4 Beauties (On the way to Boat Quay)
Eh ladies, u all filming MTV or taking photos -____-??
Left to right: WZ, Pei, Kailu, Xian

The first place we went when we reach Boat Quay, Eski Bar

The Lengendary Stupid but at the same time Genius creation.

Toast to all, CHEERs !!!
Left to right: Samuel, Me

A 2nd toast when we switched pub.

See that guy in white? Ok, u can go brag to all yur frens that u saw the Devil himself
(Something tells me that my pay is in jeapardy) T.T
Left to Right: Gary, Ah Pei

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