Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fun Moment - Siloso

Well, not exactly the most fun moment of my life but definitely worth remembering. Every 2nd n 4th Saturday of the month will be the day my Secondary School buddies and I enjoy the fantastic rays of sunlight at Siloso Beach and at the same time get a nice and cool Tan-look. Recently some of my NS buddies even joined in to our "Siloso Session". Well, most of the time we juz go there n chill, play some football, volleyball (although we suck at it), frisbee and most importantly checking out the ladies there (i definitely won't deny that) =) Our recent meet-up at Siloso was definitely the most eventful one... For the first time, we actually get to play some ball games with some ladies at Siloso, all thanks to Tao You ( I m saluting u now even at this very moment while typing all this) who recently got his balls enlarged after the......... We had a great time playing with the ladies until we were interrupted by a group of guys who wanted to join in to our games. We enjoyed even more after Ewin n accompany joined in, we were able to engage in much more challenging games like Captain's Ball as we got more players now. Definitely hope that such things happen more often in our future visit to Siloso =)

10 Nov 07
Extreme right: 7 guys - Ewin's Group
Mid: 3 ladies - Teresa's Group
Extreme Left - 4 guys - Old Man's Group
(Can u believe it? They r all 17 but my frens n i are 21, I feel like so damn old -___-)

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