Monday, October 29, 2007

Great Moment - ORD

ORD Function was definitely one of those great moment. Thats the day we officially say goodbye to all those sucky food in the canteen which was catered by SFI (Singapore Food Industry), no more field camps, which also mean no more sleeping with Commando Mosquito and last but not least, welcome FREEDOM back to my life!!!!! The function was held in some country club which i can't remember exactly where, all i remember was, FREE FLOW of BEER!!!! That night was the night where almost all my platoon mate was drunk, including myself of course Haha.
We were so drunk until at the end of the function, we couldn't locate the toilet and we just pee right outside the country club. Imagine witnessing 8 guys standing side by side n pee right in front of the Country Club's sign where pedestrian had perfect vision of whats' kept beneath those Jeans that we're trying to hide all these years.... O.O Now thats what i call a Glamorous Sight *shame* *shame*

Before we're drunk...
Top: Me, Si Yuan, Zhen Quan, Andrew, Yong Hui, Jing Hong
Btm: Tok, Yit

Look at all the tomato face.... Yea we're drunk ^^
Top: Me, Tim, Eugene
Mid: Yong Hui, Ken, Zhen Quan, Sean, Si Yuan, Andrew
Btm: Yit, Jing Hong

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