Saturday, October 27, 2007

Worst Moment of My Life Part.1

Well, its gotta be the 2 years in ARMY of course. 1st year was pretty smooth, with standard stuff like BMT, Training Course, lots of field camps and btw field camp is really no joke, imagine moving around the jungle from morning to night carrying more than 10kg of stuff with sucky food to answer the call of your stomach, a few mins of rest to ease the pain from your sored-feet and aching body. The best part... you have to do all these for a minimum of 3 days 2 nights WITHOUT showering or bathing, only allowed to powder yourself to stop the itch and covering the smell. And so, my 1st year passed by without any major incident...

40 SAR 7th Mono Intake Cougar Comapny Platoon 11
(I don't even know which one is me, we all look the same... LOL)
Photo taken before going for the 6 days 5 nights BMT field camp

This was taken after the Live Grenade Throwing exercise.
I'm in the middle of the group, at least this photo i can figure out where am i.

Top: Casper, Henry, Simon, Choon Huat
Mid: SGT Gabriel
Bottom: Ricky, Jun Hong, Me

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