Sunday, October 28, 2007

Worst Moment of My Life Part.2

2nd year of my NS time was the actual worst moment of my life so far. I miss fired a real 5.56mm round and it almost hit one of my platoon mate. Imagine if that round were to pierce thru his body, seriously i dun know what i gonna say to his parents... But luckily, that didn't happen. And for that incident, i had to serve 14 days SOL (Suspension Of Leave) which means i have to stay inside the camp for the whole 14 days not allowing to book out even on weekends. This was just the beginning... About a month later, a few days before my trip to India for a 2 weeks training, my buddy and i was caught slacking while doing Guard Duty. And for that, i had to serve 21 days SOL -___- As if 35 days of SOL were not enough, 2 months later i miss fired AGAIN at a FIBUA (Fighting In Build Up Area) training. And again, i served another 14 torturous days of SOL........ No words can justify how much stress i was experiencing at that point of time. Even till this day, I'm quite curious how on earth i managed to survived my 2nd year, maybe its the encouragement that i was showered with by my Platoon mates and commanders, especially my Platoon Sergent, 1st.SGT Raju.

2 weeks training at India
Left to Right: Bryan, Me, ???, Choon Huat, Jia Shun

Thats the vehicle i'm always in, M113 OWS

Before setting off for our last and final major field camp - Atec Stage 2
Left to Right: Yong Hui, Bryan Robert, Me

Brothers for life !!!
Left to Right: Timothy, Me

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